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Tipsy MUA_Logo Drafts1
JDynasty's Boutique_Logo Drafts_AE (2)

Freelance Project created for Exalt Management

JDynasty's Boutique_Logo Drafts_AE (1)

Freelance Project created for Exalt Management

Tropical Trees, Palm Tree Leaves, Leaf Shadows, Palm Tree Shadows

Brand Kit + Templates for client looking to increase social media engagement



Flyers & Cover Pages

Social Media Videos + Graphics


Websites is a website I designed and developed as a 2018 Mentern.

I currently update and maintain the site as the social media lead and graphic designer for The Menternship, a non-profit organization that connects black and brown young women to leading companies in sports, entertainment and fashion.

Website designed for Exalt Mgmt. A brand created with the intention of building not only brands, but purpose-driven professionals such as athletes, artists and entertainers.

I had the pleasure to create a website designed for The Gem Jar. I decided to create a site that complimented a pink, plush and inspirational brand whose mission to drop gem mirrors its name.

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